Each of our team members is also a proud pet owner. But this is just a part of the reason why they know so much about animals. Here’s a small preview for you, a little exposé on the most popular types of household pets with descriptions and their main traits outlined!


Ah, dogs are probably the most social pets of them all. Still, with so much energy in them, it is vital to make sure that


Our feline friend are so much more active than you’d think! At least, when it comes to their health and the ways it should be


Did you know that more than 12 million birds are registered as household pets in the US? This means as many birds in our houses,


While the pure statistics tells us there are x10 times more freshwater fishes in our household tanks than there are saltwater fish, still knowing some

Small Mammals

Millions of small mammals, mostly ferrots, raccoons and other cute little animals are held household pets all across the US. This means that knowing vital

Amphibious & Reptiles

As far as we see it in our veterinary clinic, snakes, turtles and other reptilious and amphibious pets are very popular in our counry. Owning

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